Turn Up

Noisey Raps

Fra Soundcloud til succes med Post Malone

I det her afsnit Noisey Raps viser den 22-årige amerikaner os rundt i sit hjem i Los Angeles og forklarer om almindelige fejlopfattelser af hans status som rapper.
Noisey Staff

We Like to Turn Up When We’re Sad: Meet Drama Duo, and Watch Their New Video for “Hopes Up”

The Chicago dance outfit's latest project tells the story of a young Muslim teen girl as she finds love—or like—with a mixed race boy.
Julia Hannafin

Happy Zoo Year: How Fetty Wap Keeps Us Hooked

Even with chart successes and co-signs, there was always a popular narrative to downplay Fetty Wap’s almost unprecedented rise—until it could no longer be denied.
Al Shipley
The Greatest Things Of All Time

We Decided to Make an iPhone App, and It's the Greatest iPhone App of All Time

Turn up for apps.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

SOPHIE Finally Released a New Song and It's as Maddeningly Catchy as You'd Expect

SOPHIE has a new song and now we're thirsty as hell.
Kyle Kramer
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Future Is Sending the Turn Up to Space

We went to the first night of the rapper's epic 45-date tour and lost our goddamn minds.
Andrew Winistorfer
Internet Exploring

TURN UP: This LED Rave Headband Will Change the Way You Party

"Built for festivals. Optimized for raging."
Kyle Kramer
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I Taught My Dad How to Turn Up at a Waka Flocka Flame Concert in Wisconsin

We hit Revelry Festival in Madison and turns out, my pops is a big fan of Zedd.
Andrew Winistorfer

Fuck Yeah, Summertime! The Song That Makes my Heart Ache

No song encapsulates the essence of the season as well as Three Beat Slide.
Ryan Bassil