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Paris' prostituerede og deres sexvogne

Élodie Chrisment har fotograferet de prostitueredes arbejdspladser i Boulogneskoven i over tre år.


Watching Audience Members and Journalists Embarrass Themselves at a Dwarf Fashion Show in Paris

Events such as this might often feel tacky and patronising, but they are still a powerful weapon against our own prejudices.


Sexting Your Boss's Boyfriend and Picking Needles Off the Floor: The Life of a Fashion Assistant

Three fashion assistants tell us about the hell they go through in pursuit of their dream job.


We Interviewed the Guy You Call if You Get Stuck in a Lift

Roughly 300 French people get stuck in elevators each and every day.


How I Got Revenge On My Misogynist Landlord

Treat your lodgers right or you might end up with pubes in your pesto.


The Victims of Cameroon's Breast Ironing Tradition

Some Cameroonian mothers flatten their daughters' breasts with hot spatulas in the hope that that will make them less attractive to men.


Depressed Teenagers and Oblivious Paedophiles: The Rich Tapestry of People Who Call Helplines

And some more things I learned while volunteering at a crisis helpline.


What It Was Like to Grow Up in Disneyland

My friends and I over-consumed the park and its artificial pleasures, often forgetting the outside world was a far cry from all that.


Things You Only Know if You Suffer from Sleep Paralysis

Numb limbs, silent screams and demons that sit on your chest and refuse to get up.


Castrating Boys and Dismembering Women Out of Boredom: 30 Years of Satanic Crimes

Satanism and the occult have been found responsible for some of history's grizzliest murders.


The Superheroes of Ouagadougou

Alexander Eudier looks at the West's benevolence towards Africa by photographing people dressed up as Marvel characters.