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10 spørgsmål du altid har haft lyst til at stille en person med en ansigtstatovering

"Jeg kan mærke folks blikke på en kilometers afstand."


Billeder af hollændere, der fester til Amsterdams Canal Parade

Varm op til lørdagens parade i København med billeder fra Amsterdams Canal Parade.


Billeder af Amsterdams første punkere

Martin de Jonge har skildret punkens fødsel i Holland.


How to Be a Good Host to a Refugee

I got in touch with a psychiatrist to figure out the best way of treating someone who's likely traumatised by recent stressful experiences.


Legal and Safe Ways to Enhance Your Ecstasy Trip

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What Is It About Summer That Makes Us Want to Drink and Fuck So Much?

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A Portrait of Female Friendship

Photos by Sisters Not Twins.


How to Find Your Mates at a Festival

We've compiled a list of the most efficient search strategies with the help of rescuers, robots and sharks.


These Five Dutch People Are About to Have a Baby Together

Daantje is married to Dewi. Jaco is married to Sjoerd and they both love Sean. All five of them are having a baby this week.


This Girl Has Been On Holiday For Three Years

"I'm sure that everyone who is working away in an office, enviously looking at my Facebook albums, could live the exact same life. I don't understand why more people don't do what I do."


I Tried to Cure My 'Asian Flush' with an Elixir I Found on the Internet

Apparently, "Asian flush" is a condition that makes the faces of people with Asian heritage bright red after they consume alcohol.