• The Un-Science of Radionics

    To get a handle on a controversial, discredited, and generally bizarre medical technology called radionics, here’s a story about me as a horny teenager.

  • I Ruined a Tinder Date With Pot Cookies

    Time and time again, I’ve learned that dates do not get better when you introduce weed into the mix, but part of me still sees an unnecessary weed session as a litmus test for dates.

  • This Week's Bad News in a Thousand Words or Less

    Who remembers Dogmageddon, the weekly round-up of news about organized religions ruining the world? I'm back! Except this time, instead of examining religion, I’m recapping the news a.k.a. a wide swath of terrible people doing terrible things for no...

  • The Great Weed Cookie War of 2013

    My drug dealer's delivery service guy made the best weed cookies. When he left to start his own delivery service, we followed him, which caused our old dealer to offer us discounted weed cookies and start a bidding war. You heard that right: My crew...

  • Into the Weird — Alcoholism and American Flag Parachutes

    Legacies are different for those who die from a blackout suicide, drunk driving accident, or drunkenly consuming too many drugs. I’ve been jumping out of a plane every time I’ve used alcohol for sometime now, and my shoddy parachute has collapsed.