• This Guy Bends Hard Rods with His Mind 

    Shit. I’ve been determinedly rubbing this metal skewer for more than 25 minutes and it still doesn’t want to bend. I’m doing everything my metal-bending teacher, Jean-Pierre Girard, has instructed me to: I’m wearing green, stroking the rod tenderly...

  • Inside the Looney Disco

    Regardless of which psychological disorder they’re afflicted with, all patients are equal on the dance floor.

  • Serial Killers I'd Sex Up

    There’s just something about blood-splattered bad boys that makes me want to tame their animalistic spirit and then mount them like a wild, majestic horse that I am about to have sex with.

  • Prison Makes You Crazy

    It’s awe-inspiring to imagine how I did over six years in jails without becoming completely nuts. Inside I saw the illest shit, it was like a psych ward with crazies everywhere yelling and drooling.

  • Occupy Twilight - RPattz Die-Hards Take London

    Occupy Wall Street protesters aren't the only people occupying stuff today.

  • Vice Comics

    "That footage is gonna reek of beagle-jaw!"