hunger strike

  • Seven Iranians Are Hunger Striking at the US Embassy in London

    For three months, six women and one man have been starving themselves in the cold, subsisting on only water and sugar lumps in order to protest the killing of 52 Iranian dissidents living in Iraq's Camp Ashraf.

  • Was Mahmoud Sarsak Sent to Prison for Being Good at Soccer?

    In the West, athletes tend to get in trouble with the cops for totalling their cars while drunk, having sex with prostitutes, or brawling in expensive nightclubs. Mahmoud Sarsak, on the other hand, was seemingly arrested just for being a decent...

  • A Former IRA Hunger Striker Talks About the Guantanamo Hunger Strikers

    Gerard Hodgins knows firsthand about self-starvation as political protest. As a former member of the Provisional IRA, Hodgins was on the same hunger strike in Maze Prison that killed Bobby Sands in 1981. He went for 20 days without food in the Northern...

  • Venezuela's Presidential Election Is Getting Violent and Weird

    In a televised speech, Chavez's chosen successor and current interim president Nicolas Maduro said that Chavez had appeared to him as a small bird. “It sang and I responded with a song, and the bird took flight, circled around once and then flew away...

  • Hunger Strike Against the Welfare State

    The very phrase Hartz IV has come to have a certain social stigma attached; in German vernacular it is almost synonymous with “loser” or “bum.” “Hartz IV kids” is the equivalent German derogatory euphemism to USA’s “welfare moms.”

  • God Hates Your Team

    If God's so into sports, granting athletes with all their talent, what's His problem with Seattle?