Jaimie Warren

  • Self-Portrait as Nun with Some of My Mother’s Favorite Famous People

    Jaimie was kind enough to stay up for 156.3 hours straight to give us a sneak peek of what, when complete, will undoubtedly be her most sprawling, awe-inspiring, and masterful work to date: the first of five panels in a photographic reinterpretation of...

  • The 2013 Photo Issue Is Here!

    The annual VICE Photo Issue is a cultural barometer that has been used by historians since the age of Talbot to determine which artists are on the front lines of photography in any given year. For our 2013 issue, in the interest of screwing with the...

  • Jaimie Warren Is Having a Show at the Hole Gallery

    A lot of you guys love Jaimie Warren, but many people have come to me and said, "I don't live in Kansas CIty. I wish I could see her work in person." Well, never fear! Jaimie is packing up her sweets-dispensing blob suit and taking her talents to lower...

  • Jaimie Warren Has an Opening in Miami Tonight

    Guess what? Jaimie has an opening tonight at the Miami Dade College’s Museum of Art + Design called The WHOAS of Female Tragedy. The exhibition is a series of hilarious, intricate self-portraits Jaimie has taken over the past ten years.

  • Jaimie Warren Bepenised Her Photo from Our Photo Show

    Jaimie's last VICE contribution was the final page for our annual Photo Issue, which features her dressed up as Yoda. We told her we’d send her a print if she promised to destroy it and film it for the blog. She happily obliged.

  • Photo Issue Interview - Jaimie Warren

    I get to just hang out all day looking disgusting, while my friends get dolled up and beautiful.