• ResERECTION: Εμφυτεύματα Πέους

    Αξίζει τον κόπο να χειρουργήσεις το πεός σου;

  • Your Huge Cock Is Overrated

    Zane pulled me on to the bed, and we started making out. Seconds later, he was fingering me and panting in my ear. I began fumbling for his belt, and once I’d managed to pull off his pants and undies I recoiled, dumbstruck.

  • Moscow Is a Paradise

    It's easy to think of Moscow as a city of mausoleums, giant Lenin statues, and propaganda art museums, but photographer Igor Baranchuk insists his hometown is about so much more than post-communist sadness.

  • Three Days of Torture in a Male Chastity Device

    Waking up with your dick locked in a plastic cage is the hardest part. It always takes a minute to remember why there is a crazy contraption squeezing the hell out of it.

  • Question of the Day - Should We Be Allowed to See Prince Harry's Penis?

    Young Prince Harry went out for a big one this week. He met some chicks, had a party, his clothes fell off. And now everyone is somehow shocked that a girl he met in Vegas had the audacity to leak nudey pics of him in the buff. What do you think...

  • Question of the Day - Chicks Before Dicks?

    Do those with two X chromosomes really have more loyalty to members of their own sex than their Y-chromosomed counterparts? Would you choose your girls over a little rump of man meat? Or would you get stitches for your bitches?