• Selling Safe Sex to the Developing World

    DKT International, an NGO that provides birth control throughout the developing world, is among the organizations trying to contain the country’s population bomb, and it’s doing so with condom commercials that are too hot for Pakistani TV.

  • Why Is Everyone at the Tribeca Film Festival Wearing a Funny Hat?

    The most prevalent trend I've uncovered at Tribeca is hats. I'm not sure why filmic folks love to cover their domes with statement-making headpieces, but maybe it says something about their sexuality—like bandanas at a leather club. Could wearing a...

  • Living the American Dream in the West Bank

    Prospective settlers of Hashmonaim receive a handy FAQ sheet: “Is this area over the ‘Green Line?’ ” reads one question. “Geographically and tax-wise, yes,” the sheet explains. But because it’s guarded by armed men and the Israeli government sanctions...

  • Visions of L. Ron

    Based on the covers of six L. Ron Hubbard story compilations.

  • Beloved Monster

    On a sweltering day in August 1971, Jerusalem police found a partly decomposed-and weirdly hairless-corpse in a two-story suburban house near the YMCA.

  • Strange Froots

    Brian Pyle and Merrick McKilay's creeping wheezes and flushes of dense, blissed-out drone and scrape have been crafted over the past seven years in bedrooms and bunkers around Humboldt, California. Their work has resulted in a slew of never-released...