Waypoint Is Joining the New VICE.com

New URL. Same us.
May 6, 2019, 1:09pm
Illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham

Starting today, Waypoint is joining forces with VICE’s incredible network of sites, and together we’re merging into a single destination: the new VICE.com. Going forward, you’ll find all of our work at VICE.com/games.

What does this mean for our coverage of games and games culture? That we’re going to continue the work we started years ago. A few days after we launched in 2016, I set out to explain what we wanted to build in a letter to our burgeoning community:

[Our] aim is to cover games with criticality and humanity. It is to give as much attention to the people, passion, and politics of gaming as we have been giving to the products. It is to explore how and why we play, not only because trying to answer those questions will lead us to tell great stories, but because we fundamentally believe that this will offer insight into the wider "state of play," into the culture that games emerge from and that people play in.

This is still our mission. And we will be more equipped than ever to bring the complexity of our analysis, the rigor of our reporting, and the curiosity about how and why we play to the world. We now have an even deeper bench of writers, critics, and reporters; people who love games and are as excited as we are to dig into the culture that surrounds them.

You’ll also keep hearing our voices on Waypoint Radio and can follow us on our established social media handles. And if you’re a Waypoint Discord or Forum user, everything is continuing as-is in those places. If you read our work via RSS feed, then go ahead and subscribe to this one. Plus, now that we’re all part of a single VICE.com, you’ll be seeing our work in other corners of the site, too.

Still have questions? You can listen to the team chat through this new step on today's episode of Waypoint Radio below, or download the episode directly by clicking here.

Thanks as always for your continued support and readership. We’re excited for everything that comes next.

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