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Let Dorian of The Outfit, TX, Take You to Space in His New Video "M.A.R.S."

This beat is basically rocket fuel.

You're going to have an uncontrollable instinct to like the new video from Dorian, one of the production masterminds of Texas trio The Outfit, TX, based simply on the fact that it opens with one of the best Chappelle's Show clips there is on this planet. But power onward, or upward, past the stratosphere, into actual space, and let the beat for "M.A.R.S." suck you into its gravitational field. You'll like it even more. The looming synths on this beat, which shift into screaming distortion before switching to a subdued twinkle, are seriously compelling. This shit is basically rocket fuel, which explains how the video, which director and fellow trio member Mel claims was filmed "on location" on Mars, got made. Play this for your space age lover and let the video itself take you guys of this world. The Outfit, TX's double album Cognac/Four Corner Room, which "M.A.R.S" is off of, is available here.



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