Sagittarius, December 2015
Illustration by Shawna X


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Sagittarius, December 2015

Winter would pretty much suck without you, Sagittarius. It's depressing AF when it starts to get colder, but your warm, upbeat, and passionate vibe keeps things cheery!

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Happy solar return, Sagittarius! Your sign is one of the most generous and joyous of the zodiac. Thanksgiving, holiday shopping, drunken office parties—it makes so much sense that all this happy, sometimes dramatic, usually gluttonous stuff goes on during your birth month. Let's see how this month treats you:


December opens with Mercury trine Uranus in fellow Fire sign Aries on the first. Trines are great—they're such an easy flowing aspect that sometimes you might not even notice them happening! And astrologers often call Uranus the "higher octave" of Mercury, so when these two planets are in good spirits with one another, things work out well. Mercury rules the mind, communication, and logic, while Uranus takes those themes to the next level, symbolizing genius and innovation, as well as surprise and revolution. The Fire element is inspired and speedy, larger than life and warm. You'll find yourself handling conversations, communications, and puzzles you need to solve or messages you need to "get out there" in a smart (and possibly unusual) way. Unexpected invitations to have fun are also very likely, considering that this celestial combination is highlighting the creativity and romance center of your chart. Early December—especially the 1st—will be amazing for planning dates, parties, and creative projects.

December 4 is the kind of day where everyone's going to call you out for doctoring your Instagram pics.

Things get a little more intense on December 4 when communicator Mercury challenges Jupiter and Venus enters Scorpio. Jupiter can have a tendency to exaggerate (Jupiter is your ruling planet, so I guess that's where you get that bad habit from, Sag!). When communicator Mercury challenges flamboyant Jupiter, we find ourselves reexamining exactly how much we can or can't offer. You'll especially notice this play out in your career, around your goals, and even around your reputation and how the public perceives you. This is the kind of day where everyone's going to call you out for doctoring your Instagram pics.


Also on December 4, Venus—the planet of love, harmony and beauty—enters Scorpio. Venus is all flowers and lace, but Scorpio? Scorpio is leather and chains. When these two energies mix their vibe, things get intense. A very psychic and sensitive part of your chart will be awoken by Venus in Scorpio, so take extra time for self-care. On a bad day, Scorpio can have a bit of a paranoid energy, so be easy on yourself if you feel a bit insecure or jealous. Scorpio is a transformative and creative Water sign, and you'll be meditating a lot on your unconscious desires. Are you getting what you want? Now's the time to sleep on it— Venus will soon be in your sign, Sag, and then it will be time for you to express yourself!

Take note of the effort you put toward your friendships and your social life on December 6, but also be super aware of what your friends demand of you— is what they're asking for fair? Today the Sun is in your sign, where it sextiles action oriented Mars in social Libra. This will really energize you in the realm of friendship—however, Mars is conjunct the lord of the underworld Pluto on this day, too, and Pluto doesn't always play fair. Today could be massively creative, but it's going to take some effort on your part. A great way to work with today's energy is to purge and let go of anything in your life that's no longer serving you and to bring in a neutral third party or person who can help mediate any drama occurring between you and your friends.


One of the most fun days this month is December 8, when the Sun trines Uranus. Welcome surprises will come your way, and again, the sector of your chart relating to fun, flirtation, and creativity will be activated. You'll feel really confident and loved today, Sagittarius!

On December 10, you'll be busting out of creative ruts, stale friendships, and old dreams. You'll feel a lot of tension in your social life as a result.

People will get a little more serious and practical in their communication when Mercury enters Earth sign Capricorn on December 9. Capricorn is all about success and material growth. In this sign, Mercury, the planet of communication, will inspire you to think and talk more about what's valuable to you. This could be a great time to plan a budget, talk about a raise, or discuss anything concerning your cash flow.

Freedom is one of the strongest themes tied to Sagittarius. In fact, many astrology sources will say that it's impossible to get Sags to commit or that they're "cheaters," romantically speaking. I know this is not always true, Sag… When you believe in someone or something, you're in it to win it! However, you're a centaur—just like how a whale shouldn't be trapped in an aquarium tank, a Sag shouldn't be pent into a tiny stable either. A chance to break free will come when Mars opposes Uranus on December 10. You'll be busting out of creative ruts, stale friendships, and old dreams. You'll feel a lot of tension in your social life as a result, but great change will come of it!


The next day is lovely: Venus trines Neptune on December 11, creating a dreamy, lovely vibe around your home. This is an excellent day to connect with family, honor your roots, or get domestic. The New Moon is also December 11, and it's in your sign! This is a wonderful omen of new beginnings; it's also an opportunity to reevaluate how you express yourself and to reconnect with what's important to you emotionally.

Some big plans you've been working on since this summer will get the final push they need when the Sun squares your ruling planet, Jupiter, on December 14. You'll especially feel this around your career and your reputation! Confusions around your cash, living situation, or even your family could also clear up on the 14th when Mercury sextiles Neptune—but only if you're clear about asking for help. More news about material matters will come your way when chatty Mercury meets Pluto, both of them in business-minded Capricorn, on December 19.

Find a new way to have fun—no more paying for 5 Ubers in one night, bouncing between clubs that you're paying everyone's cover for.

Of all the signs in the zodiac, yours is the worst when it comes to shopping and spending money. You're not even materialistic— you just love the thrill of something new, and you really do love making your friends happy by buying a round of drinks. December started with Mercury and Uranus in good spirits, but on December 20 the energy between them gets tense: It's time to make a change around how you think about money and having fun. Find a new way to have fun—no more paying for 5 Ubers in one night, bouncing between clubs that you're paying everyone's cover for.


The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, bringing the Winter Solstice! A new season is here, and, with that, a fresh start. For you, Sag, the Sun in Capricorn will highlight the sector of your chart relating to money— I know, we've been talking a lot about money this month, but that's just what you've got going on: thinking about and approaching your finances in better, new ways.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 25 will further illuminate themes around money in your life— not just your cash, but other people's resources as well. Debts will be cleared, both material and emotional. The Sun might be in practical and dry Capricorn, but the Full Moon will be in emotional and psychic Cancer. This Full Moon will also bring to light intimacy and issues around self-esteem. It's a sensitive Full Moon, Sag, but you can work with the energy creatively by using it as an opportunity to purge old feelings, get things off your chest, and get close and intimate with the ones you love. In addition, the planet of communication, Mercury, trines your ruling planet, Jupiter, creating an optimistic mood and making it easy for you to express yourself. You'll notice yourself talking a lot about how to make things more realistic or down-to-earth— it's only natural, considering all these planets are in Earth signs! (Mercury and the Sun are highlighting practical Capricorn, while Jupiter's in analytical Virgo.)

December 25 really is huge— not only is there the Full Moon and Mercury/Jupiter interacting, but Uranus will go direct on this day, too. A huge push forward will occur in your romantic life. Any blocks you've felt as an artist will also clear up. If you've been feeling lately like "fun" isn't easy to come by, Uranus going direct will lift this boredom. Uranus went retrograde this past July 26: Pay attention and see if some issues from that period in your life begin to turn around or evolve in some way now. Uranus is rebellious, genius, and electric. Now that it's finally pushing forward, you'll feel a new jolt of excitement in your life, Sag.

On December 25, a huge push forward will occur in your romantic life.

Right before the Full Moon, on December 24, Venus sextiles Jupiter— finally, some love! Generous, abundant Jupiter is your ruling planet, so we love it when Jupiter gets some action, especially from sweet and sexy Venus (well, more sexy than sweet, considering that Venus is currently in sassy Scorpio).

The month wraps up with lovely Venus entering your sign on December 30, making you feel soft, pretty, seductive, and sweet— with a dash of your own fiery, fierce Sagittarius energy, of course. Winter would pretty much suck without you, Sag. It's depressing AF when it starts to get colder, but your warm, upbeat, and passionate vibe keeps things cheery!