Toilets With Threatening Auras Compiles the Internet's Cursed Commodes

We talked with the guy behind the incredible Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Images via Flickr user dirtyboxface, Flicker user Banalities.

Last weekend, I peed in a really cool bathroom. It wasn’t just any really cool bathroom, either. Once ranked as America’s best bathroom, the black and green deco of the men’s room in Nashville's Hermitage Hotel is a bonafide tourist attraction. Though historically a gendered toilet, the hotel seems to let anyone take a peek to check out the latrine’s cinematic vibe.

However, not every bathroom can tout its decor with pride. For those lavatories famous for a, uh, different overall feel, let us introduce Toilets With Threatening Auras, a new Twitter account and Facebook page dedicated to collecting cursed cans from around the world. Like this one:


The admin, who identified himself as an independent filmmaker living outside London named Phil, told me he’s been posting terrifying loos to Facebook since May, and created the Twitter “once the original page took off.”

“I was having a night in with my nan and she started talking about her toilet and how she felt it was threatening,” Phil said in a Twitter DM. “It just spiraled from there.”

Originally he searched the internet for ultra bizarre and menacing pissoir pics, but the pages have now accumulated enough of a following that he says that most posts now come from fan-submitted photos.

Though the accounts have only been around for a few months, they’re already, in my opinion, the shit. Let’s take a tour of some of the cursed toilets, shall we?

Some are clearly strange because of the design of the bowl itself…

…whereas others possess a sinister quality due to the configuration of the lavatories:

Poop portals to hell? Check.

Sometimes we meet an unexpected visitor:

Others are just straight up gross…

…or just, like—c’mon.

Still, some remind me of myself—a weary, shitty traveler in this world, standing on a street corner, just trying to flush away the pain.

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