Sun Drenched Polaroids From a Summer in the Arctic
Alle foto's door Jackie Dives

Sun Drenched Polaroids From a Summer in the Arctic

An eye-opening trip through the Northwest Passage.
September 28, 2017, 12:39pm

As someone who has never lived north of the 50th parallel, my mental image of Canada's Arctic is too often viewed from space—cobbled together from NASA images of sea ice melt caused by climate change. It's an admittedly dim, far-away perspective that simplifies 40 percent of our country's landmass to "that place where all the polar bears are dying."

So I'm thankful for these dreamy summer snapshots from photographer Jackie Dives' recent trip through part of the Northwest Passage. While on board Canada C3, a 150-day expedition from Toronto to Victoria, Dives had a close look at the brighter side of Nunavut's communities and landscapes. Her Polariods reminded my ignorant southerner self that the territories are a beautiful place.


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