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Shift K3y's Back With Another Certified Screamer

Todd Edwards for the Tinder generation's done it again on super slink new cut "Gone Missing."

Shift K3y is both infuriatingly young and talented, so usually being the grumpy sods we are at THUMP we'd form a petty grudge against him. Luckily for everyone, his tunes are so good that we're prepared to bury the metaphotrical hatchet and y'know, just get on with enjoying his signature blend of UKG and contemporary deep-techy chart bothering house. With tunes like "Touch", "Name & Number" and "I Know" the scamp known to his friends and family as Lewis Jankel has basically set out his stall as a Todd Edwards for the Tinder generation. Or something.


Check out Shift K3y's On Deck mix for us right here

When we heard about his new release, "Gone Missing", we knew we wanted a slice of the action. Our prayers were answered and we're delighted to be exclusively bringing you the video below. Originally written with Becky Hill in 2014, the tune now features vocals from up and coming singer BB Diamond and it's another belter. Sometimes, though, it's better to let an artist talk about their work. So that's what we did. Hey, Shift K3y, what do you have to say about "Gone Missing"?

"Words cant really describe how excited I am for this release, it has been the longest in the making out of all my tracks so far. The journey that this track has taken, and everything that has been thrown at it…it's still standing in time for release! To me this is what I would consider a new school take on a very familiar UKG sound."

So there you have it. Watch the video right here.

"Gone Missing" is out right now via iTunes. You can order it here.

Shift K3y is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter