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Now You Can Commodore 64-ify Your Logo

New media artist Stijn Peeters resurrects the Commodore 64’s distinctive video game typography.
September 12, 2016, 2:25pm
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The Commodore 64 home computer is remembered, amongst its many nostalgic admirers, as a great 8-bit system for gaming and even music production. The computer is also fondly remembered for the distinctive bitmap fonts of its video games.

This colorful 8-bit typography has been resurrected by new media researcher Stijn Peeters in the form of C64 Charset Logo Generator. Users simply choose a font and enter the logo text, and the generator does the rest, though users can also tweak the bitmap colors.

Numbers, however, cannot be entered into the generator. Peeters says that C64 Charset Logo Generator is open-source, and inspired by several other coders and researchers. Peeters ported the original tool written in PHP using gd by Chris ‘Cupid’ Heilmann. The charset ripping and credit research was done by Dejan 'Nucleus' Petronijevic, while the cleanup and transparency was added by Daniel 'Deekay' Kottmair.

Those who want to add to the open-source project are encouraged to check out the project’s Github page.


Click here to see more of Stijn Peeters’ work.

Via Boing Boing


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