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Best Of The Rest: Hip-Hop Remixes Of Vintage Ads, Selfie Mirrors, And Floating GIFs Of Dolly Parton's Head

...The week in creativity.
April 11, 2014, 10:00pm

This week we plaked the world's largest game of Tetris, talked with The Faint about their upcoming hi-tech tour, and explored the future of storytelling with our documentary on "Leviathan." For all the creativity we missed, here's the best of the rest.

This week we….

…Got turnt and brushed some dirt off our poodle skirts while staring at these hip-hop remixes of vintage ads. [Animal]

…lol'ed at the reveal that George W. Bush sourced all his recent paintings from Google Images and Wikipedia (but isn't he just an under-the-radar approprationist wunderkind? [Animal]

…Embraced spring with these amazing photos of Cherry Blossoms in full-bloom. [My Modern Met]

…Were a little horrified by these GIFS of Dolly Parton's head by Athony Antonellis. [Art Fag City]

…Wondered what Ira Glass would say about these drawings of various NPR narrative structures. [Explore.Noodle]

…Gained a different perspective (literally) on some iconic album art. [Stereogum]

…And also saw what some similar covers looked like within the world of Grand Theft Auto. [Complex]


…Nerded out at this digital model of Thor's hammer. [via]

…Imagined what our apartments would look like if remodelled using just wire. [Junk Culture]

…Groaned at the idea of a instantaneous Selfie Mirror. [GizMag]

…Seriously respected the dude who collected 1000+ band t-shirts, culminating in the epic photo above. [Minor Thread]

…Thought about the selfie-overload the would result from using this app that allows you to flip through Instagram videos like TV channels. [PSFK]

…Considered hiring the savvy designer who made this 3D-ad in an average newspaper. [Laughing Squid]

…And had our minds blown by this gravity-defying table. [Spoon-Tamago]

What else did we miss this week? Please share with us in the comments section!