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You Can Now Build Your Own Mini Miyazaki Sets

New paper craft kit lets you recreate your favorite scenes from 'Spirited Away.'


If you dream of reliving Hayao Miyazaki’s films over and over again, we have some good news for you. The Japanese paper craft company Sankei, which previously created a paper craft version of the bus stop from My Neighbor Totoro and the house from Kiki’s Delivery Service among others, is now selling a beautiful miniature version of the town from Spirited Away. The kit, which can be purchased on Amazon Japan, is ready to be assembled and glued together, creating your own mini movie set. Some images of the finished products have been shared on instagram, and they’re incredible.


The company focuses on recreating scenes from the beloved Studio Ghibli films, but Sankei also creates paper crafts of ramen shops, bookstores, and restaurants. The paper craft kits are laser cut with exquisite detail so that the scenes from the Studio Ghibli films truly come to life (and you don’t have to spend a whole day bending tiny pieces of paper to make them fit together). While some of the kits are priced at over $500, many of them, including this one, are decently affordable at around $40.

To explore more of Sankei, check out their products on Amazon Japan. Also see the latest from Studio Ghibli.

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