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Intricate Ink Illustrations Imagine New Terrains and Visual Languages

Inside the ever-expanding monochromatic world of New York illustrator Brandon Locher.
Images courtesy of the artist and Ghostly International.

New and abstract terrains, visual languages, and imaginary environments nod to interstellar travel and perhaps even science fiction in the intricate ink illustrations of musician and artist Brandon Locher. Locher calls this body of work Mazes to the Motherlode, prints of which have regularly appeared on Ghostly International Media's desktop wallpaper series. The New York-based illustrator envisions lunar surfaces, geometric patterns that look almost microbial, and mazes of precise line work, amongst other black ink drawings. He recently began selecting choice illustrations from the series for Mazes to the Motherlode II, a snapshot of his ever-expanding monochromatic universe.


"The titles are organized by roman numerals [and] I think of these titles as an opus number from my visual oeuvre," Locher tells Creators. "The subject is generally an abstraction, but at times I also incorporate imagery of imaginary landscapes and structural shapes built upon layers and layers of abstract textures."

"With each new Ghostly project the conversation becomes more complex and focused on the artistic execution," Locher adds. "If you try to speak of the Motherlode, you can't say what it is, because it won't fit into words or concepts."

What can be said about Mazes to the Motherlode is that all of the pieces are ink and graphite on paper. Locher doesn't use any reference materials when sketching, but he does work from a compositional conceptual idea for each piece.

"As the series progressed, different environments, terrains, and visual languages developed and became references to a place that can be augmented and displaced," says Locher. Originally, back in 2010, it took Locher five months to produce a 32" x 32" pen on paper piece called Variations in Symmetry. But, as his discipline and focus matured, the work sped up even though his ambitions grew.

"I don't think I will ever find the motherlode because I believe it's more than just one thing," Locher says. "It's about here and now. About waking up to this moment, seeing this for what it is. The awakening is available to all of us, at every moment. I'm interested in my own individual journey and going deeper within myself."


Mazes to Motherlode is available for free download at Ghostly International Media. Click here to see more of Brandon Locher's work.


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