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Chrome Sparks' New Single Finds Bliss on the Other Side of Alienation

"Wake" came about after the producer secluded himself for a month in a cabin upstate.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Brooklyn producer Jeremy Malvin, a.k.a. Chrome Sparks, has shared his new single "Wake" today, following the September release of "All Or Nothing" featuring Body Language member Angelica Bess. The track's centerpiece is a blipping pattern of synth droplets, evocative of vintage Moog compositions by Raymond Scott. Over the course of the track it's interpolated into a dramatically evolving series of melodic phrasings, ranging from dopamine-deprived to blissfully sultry.


Malvin told THUMP about how the track arose from an experience of heavy isolation. "This is the first track to come to fruition from a month of secluding myself in a cabin upstate," he said. "It was strange up there, as I had never before alienated myself to such an extent. I had a desire to create something simple and pure, which is how the main synth line came to be (as a sine wave, the most simple and pure waveform)."

"Suppression also set in," he added. "Not having the usual outlets for my pent up social and physical energy was a welcome challenge. The ecstatic synth stabs at the climax embody this need to get out and flail my arms around and scream, a therapeutic move I often employ when I see fit. Most importantly though, I was essentially just trying to make a soundtrack to which I could dance. And I did dance to it. A lot."

In a recent THUMP Interview, Malvin gushed about records by Warp signee Bibio and Maalem Mahmoud Guinia in collaboration with Floating Points and James Holden.

Chrome Sparks tour dates:

March 11 - Pitch Festival - Victoria, Australia
March 11 - Howler - Melbourne, Australia
March 12 - BBE Dance Party - Metro Theatre - Sydney, Australia
March 17 - Cheer Up Charlie's - Austin, TX (SXSW)
March 17 - Half Step (Counter Records x Majestic Casual party) - Austin, TX (SXSW)
April 5 -Badaboum - Paris, FranceApril 6 - Pickle Factory - London, UK
April 7 - Lolita - Barcelona, Spain
April 8 - Kredytowa - Warsaw, Poland
April 10 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 11 - Roxy - Prague, Czech Republic
April 13 - Yuca - Cologne, Germany
April 14 - Prince Charles - Berlin, Germany
April 15 - Mirror at Contato Club - Milan, Italy

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