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You Can Play ‘Doom’ On a Thermostat Because Of Course You Can


And the unrelenting march of Doom continues.

Not content with running the classic 1993 shooter on a platter of banal machines such as toasters, Kodak digital cameras, and even billboard trucks, one enthusiast has now forged one… hot…new device to play Doom on: a thermostat.

In a YouTube video spotted by Hackaday, user cz7 asm unveils their Doomostat—a Honeywell Prestige thermostat hooked up to a SNES controller that appears to run Doom quite nicely.


"An outcome of my recent project—porting Doom on a thermostat," explains cz7 asm. "A really nice piece of hardware on a well engineered board using ARM9 processor. The Doom engine is based on Chocolate Doom and also its STM32F429 port."

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Chocolate Doom is an open source port of the Doom game, and as Motherboard explained last year, numerous other modified versions of the game's source code have been created and released. There's even a Tumblr blog dedicated to all of the devices that can run Doom. I guess we can now finally add 'thermostat' to that growing list.

Why does it run Doom? We do not know. But can it run Doom? Yes it can.

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