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19 of the weirdest supreme collaborations ever

After the supposed in-the-know news leakers dreamed up a Supreme x D&G collaboration, we throwback to some of the streetwear giant’s most unexpected creative coming togethers.

Whether down to too much late-night cheese being eaten, last season’s Louis Vuitton effect or just being a slow news day, a number of Supreme leaker accounts have recently posted about the Dolce & Gabbana autumn/winter 18 collaboration rumour. After being widely dismissed as fake news, devout followers began to wonder when the Milan-based luxury house’s co-founder and resident social media mischief maker, Stefano Gabbana began to repost the news on his own feed. While fashion is filled with surprises in 2018 and Supreme’s list of collaborators is longer than the queue of fans that line-up for each and every hype streetwear product drop, we just can’t see D&G following the high fashion likes of Comme des Garçons, Undercover, Louis Vuitton and more. It did however lead us down the rabbit hole of over two decades worth creative coming togethers and here, we pick out some of the most unexpected.


1. 360 Toy Group, 2002
As Japan-made figures and collectables became a fixture in the bedrooms of streetwear kids everywhere, Supreme entered the toy market with its very own fluffy monster. For those flip the bird moments.


2. John Smedley, 2005
In what must be one of Supreme’s most low-key collaborations, the 200-year-old, Queen-approved knitwear specialists worked on a series of long and short sleeved polo shirts. For those understated moments.

3. Kermit the Frog, spring/summer 08
From Kate Moss to Mike Tyson, Raekwon to Morrisey (reluctantly), countless celebrities have lent their image to Supreme but few have rocked the box logo T-shirt quite like Kermit. For those ‘you’re such a muppet’ moments.


4. Budweiser, spring/summer 09
Offering one of the most iconic all-over-print items the label have ever produced, this put the mania into logomania. For those eat, sleep, drink Supreme moments.


5. Sky Bounce Ball, launched in 2011 then re-issued as a free gift for spring/summer 16
Described as the “the classic ball of the urban streets that never loses bounce”, this match-up made perfect sense for New York natives but left the rest of us scratching our heads. For those make it bounce moments.


6. Hohner Harmonica, spring/summer 12
Now, the box logo has appeared in so many places but the side of German-made harmonica must be one of the most surprising. For those ‘let’s annoy the people around me’ moments.


7. Hardcore Hammers, autumn/winter 12
While most of the brand’s American-made tools are used by real men doing real work, we doubt if any of these hammers were used in any acts of DIY. Instead, they remained in boxes or were strategically and somewhat menacingly placed on bedroom shelves. For those hit the nail on the head moments.


8. The Pink Panther, spring/summer 14
This capsule collection introduced Generation Z to the animated exploits of the Pink Panther and the inept French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. For those cartoons were better in my day moments.


9. White Castle, spring/summer 15 This capsule collection with the original US burger king was the reason Steven Patrick ‘meat is murder’ Morrissey was so upset with Supreme using his image in an ad campaign. “This was before I learned that Supreme were sponsored in part by the beef-sandwich pharaoh known as White Castle.” For those only fast food will do moments.


10. Braun, spring/summer 15
“Good design is as little design as possible,” Dieter Rams, head of design at Braun -- the German consumer electronics manufacturer -- famously said. He was the master of less is more so we wonder what he thought of the addition of the box logo to a calculator and travel alarm clock. Regardless, Supreme’s ultras could now quickly add up the cost of their shopping drops and potential re-sale value. For those 5318008 moments.


11. Toshio Maeda, autumn/winter 15
The godfather of the hentai genre collaborated on a series of T-shirts, hoodies and even a pillow. For those NSFW moments.


12. MTA MetroCard, spring/summer 17
Two fares were included to ride the hype train through New York City. For those getting from A to B moments.


13. Coleman CT200U Mini Bike, spring/summer 17
Ride or die? Yes, this was an actual mini-motorbike. For those skrrrrrt skrrrrrrt moments.


14. CashCannon Money Card, spring/summer 17
Providing the perfect storm for those slo-mo Insta Stories. For those make it rain moments.


15. BMI Pocket Measuring Tape, spring/summer 17
For those how do I measure up moments.


16. SOG Collapsible Shovel, autumn/winter 17
What do you call a man with a shovel in his head? Doug. What do you call the same man without a shovel in his head? Dougless. For those dig yourself into a hole moments.


17. Zojirushi Tuff Mug, autumn/winter 17
12 hours of hot hype, 24 hours of chilled cool. For those caffeinated on-the-go moments.


18. Advanced Elements Packlite Kayak, spring/summer 18
From axes to pinball machines, spring/summer 18 was well-stocked with branded products you never thought you needed. For the more adventurous hypebeast, the kayak and matching life vest are two such items. For those into the wild moments.


19. Stern Pinball Machine, spring/summer 18
Multiball is lit. For those arcade at home moments.