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The £3 Meal Deal Might Be Over and It’s All Brexit’s Fault

Brexit is coming for your lunch.
Phoebe Hurst
London, GB
December 5, 2016, 12:59pm
Photo via Flickr user Rakka

The Supreme Court may still be debating whether Parliament can pull the Article 50 trigger, but in the food and drink world, the wrath of Brexit is already being felt.

First, Britain's decision to leave the EU threatened to hike the price of a bacon sandwich. Then our weekly food shop. And now? Big Bad Brexit is coming for your meal deal.

The British Sandwich Association (yes, an actual thing) has warned that the price of a meal deal—the supermarket lunchtime staple that usually involves a Lucozade, squashed prawn mayo sandwich, and bag of cheddar and onion McCoys—won't stay at its current £3 mark for much longer.

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An increase in ingredient costs (caused by a fall in the value of the pound, post-Brexit) and the potential shortage of migrant labour on food production lines (also Brexit), has resulted what the British Sandwich Association is calling a "perfect storm." It expects the price of a meal deal to rise by as much as 10 percent by spring 2017.

Director of the Association, Jim Winship told industry magazine The Grocer: "Retailers will absorb some of the increases and suppliers will absorb some but inevitably there will be a rise for consumers. It then depends on how retailers decide to play the game."

Better head to Boots and grab a sarnie while you still can still afford to.