This Belle Delphine Bathwater-Cooled PC Can Be Yours for Only $1,500

Josh Wilkinson is building custom computer cases out of his favorite video games and one infamous model.
Image: Joshua Wilkinson

Building a PC is a pain in the ass. Why not just have someone build a PC for you? There’s a ton of services out there that do it, but none do it quite as stylishly as Joshua Wilkinson. For a mere $1,500 you can have a custom built Wilkinson original that features influencer Bella Delphine. The case is plastered in Delphine’s face. Her alleged mugshot is on the front, LEDs with her glare from inside the case, and the system’s liquid cooling pipes run in and out of a little jar said to contain her bathwater.


Image: Joshua Wilkinson

But it’s not an official jar of Bella Delphine bathwater. “I know it’s disappointing,” Josh Wilkinson, the case’s designer, told Motherboard on the phone. “It’s like 400 bucks on Ebay. The more official reason is that these cooling loops, if it was just normal water they wouldn’t hold up after a while.”

Liquid cooled PCs reduce temperatures of a machine with a liquid that’s a mix of distilled water and additives that prevent corrosion. Using Delphine’s dirty bathwater to cool down a machine is probably hazardous to the machine’s health.

The systems aren’t top of the line, the Delphine case is running an i3-9100f quad core and a GTX 1060. But you’re paying for the beauty of Wilkinson’s craftsmanship, not a top of the line PC. And some of what he offers is component free, meaning the buyer can install whatever hardware they want.

Wilkinson has been building custom cases for a few years. He’s also selling a Fall Guys case, a Fortnite case, and a Fallout case. The cases are stylish, and some include dioramas inside the case that evoke scenes from the games they’re themed after. “I've seen people build custom computers for a while but I’ve never seen anyone do these theme ones like I was doing,” he said.


​Image: Joshua Wilkinson

According to Wilkinson, the PC building projects started as a joke between him and his friends. He built a Houston Rockets themed case and a Whataburger (a Texas area fast food chain) case for buddies and found he had a talent for it. He’s a 24 year old college student in the Houston area and he’s looking to turn this talent into a real business.


Wilkisnson said he sketches out the designs for the cases in Photoshop and that each case takes roughly six or seven hours to build. “The renderings are really crude,” he said of his pre-building designs. “They’d make any art student laugh.”

Asked what his favorite case was, Wilkinson said he didn’t want to admit it was the Delphine gamer girl case. “You gotta admire her,” he said. “This chick sold her bathwater on the internet. She had to have made five grand that day. That’s crazy. I admire the hustle.”