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We're Having a Massive Blowout at The Great Escape

That's right, guys'n'gals. Your favourite stage of the year is returning, with Lady Leshurr, Mabel, Avelino and more.

May. It's a beautiful time of year, really. We've collectively crawled through the dark, lonely toils of winter and into blazing sunshine and goddammit, it's a cause for celebration. Which is exactly why The Great Escape festival comes around at a perfect time of year, like a serendipitous event for music fans who have a penchant for getting mashed at the seaside. For the last couple years we've held a stage at the festival and we've loved it so much that we're going to be doing it all again this year.


This time round we're going to be hosting the blow-out of the festival at Patterns. ​What can you expect? Well, the night will kick off with some rap royalty in the form of Lady Leshurr, followed by a set from 20-year-old R&B queen Mabel, before dreamy Scandi-pop artist Anna of the North takes the stage. And then, just before your buzz tips you into that dangerous territory where you're spilling drinks all over your friend's shoes and swaying so hard you almost stumble into a stranger, chattering way too hard about Leshurr's love for brushing her teeth, we're going to be welcoming Tottenham rapper Avelino to the stage. Finally, the night will close with the dizzying, synth-stuffed sounds of electro-pop prince Seramic. Honestly, you lot can thank us later.

Click here to check out the full line-up at this year’s Great Escape, and read our Noisey line-up below: