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Three US Cities Get a Glimpse of Future Forward

We follow the creative process of three thrilling futuristic installations from conception to exhibition.
July 6, 2016, 10:10pm

The Future Forward event series, presented by the all-new Prius, commissioned artists to craft three interactive installations around design, technology, and eco-heritage, in three different cities. The Creators Project followed the entire process from conception to exhibition. 

The Future Forward event series has been a thrilling tour of creativity, sharing the dynamic works of Doris Sung, VT Pro Design Studio, Nonotak Studio, and the Prius Piano installation, with NYC, Chicago, and LA. Through responsive artworks paired with energetic events hosted by The Creators Project, futuristic design concepts centered around the all-new Prius were the sensory delights of many.


"Everything here is technology that is art," says Stan Sanders, designer of the Prius Piano. Above, you'll see a full video breakdown of the artistic visions and how they came to life in a festive environment. The Future Forward event series was an opportunity to witness the fusion of technology and art, but also to become part of the experience.


Future Forward LA Illuminates Innovation in an Old Hollywood Studio

Nonotak's Infinite Sound and Vision Experience

Springing to Life with VT Pro Design's Kinetic Wall

The Slow-Burn Spectacle of Doris Sung's Drift

Future Forward Chicago Radiated with Artistic Light

These Responsive Installations Made Us Feel Like Magicians

Future Forward NYC Presented a Glimpse into Tomorrow