Texas Man Used AirTag to Track and Kill Suspected Truck Thief

The man tracked someone he suspected of stealing his truck to a shopping mall parking lot and shot him in the head, police say.
An Airtag on a keychain. Getty Images
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A San Antonio man allegedly used an Apple Airtag tracking device to locate his stolen truck and kill the suspected thief. 

According to police reports, he used the Airtag to find the truck in a shopping center parking lot, and shot the man he suspected of stealing it in the head.

The shooter isn’t expected to face charges, according to local news outlet My San Antonio. The man reported his truck as missing to the San Antonio Police Department, but didn’t wait for police to respond before tracking and killing the suspect himself.


The suspected car thief, Andrew John Herrera, 44, died “from a gunshot wound to the head,” a medical examiner told news outlet KSAT. As of Saturday, news reports say, police hadn’t determined whether Herrera was armed. 

Apple introduced Airtags in 2021, as a way to keep track of belongings like keys or luggage. Since then, people have used the coin-sized location tracking devices to stalk and harass women, often by hiding them in cars. Cops and courts have frequently mishandled these cases. 

SAPD spokesperson Nick Soliz told My San Antonio that the man whose car was allegedly stolen told police he “believed the suspected thief pulled out a gun which prompted ‘a firefight.’” Police said that they believed only the man who confronted the suspected thief fired any shots. 

Texas’ laws state that a person can use deadly force against another person in cases of “unlawful interference” with their property. 

The San Antonio Police Department did not immediately respond to Motherboard’s request for comment.