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Hear the First Song from Caves' New Album 'Always Why'

The punk duo goes a little deeper on their new record, but still relies heavily on their fuzzy riffage.

Caves' 2014 album, Leaving, was a swift and perfectly placed gut-punch. Clocking in at only eight songs that amounted to less than 20 minutes, it was sharp and lean, kicking off with a fierce opener about gender binary oppression, and wrapping up before you even knew what hit you. But on their follow-up, Always Why, the band takes a different direction.

The two-piece, which is now separated by an ocean as guitarist Lou Hanman recently left Bristol for Philly, took a new songwriting approach out of geographic necessity and shared ideas via GarageBand. The result is something that gives itself a bit more space to breathe. Spread out over 41 minutes, Always Why slows down at times when it needs to, experimenting with the space it allows itself but still resting on the duo's razor-sharp pop punk sensibilities.

On "Need It Most," the first single from the album, Caves deliver some of their trademark fuzzy riffage and shout-along choruses. Check out the song below and pick up Always Why in the US, UK, and EU.