This Afropunk Singer Should Be Very, Very Famous


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This Afropunk Singer Should Be Very, Very Famous

Intimate photos of Faty Sy Savanet, a rising star in France whose music and art transverses the African diaspora.

Faty Sy Savanet is the lead singer of Tshegue, the hot new Paris-based band that mixes tribal sounds with garage rock. Born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Faty brings a powerful, worldly energy to her music and she sings with a refreshing passion. Tshegue's debut EP is set to come out later this month and we're certain it's going to make waves across the globe. In anticipation of the EP's release, French filmmaker Melanie Brun and I have been shooting a documentary about Faty that will be released in the coming weeks. It covers everything from Faty's dreams to what she thinks it means to be a woman. During our numerous filming sessions, we also shot the following photos. If you're in France, make sure to check Faty and her band Tshegue out at the Afropunk Festival in July.