Daily Horoscope: April 30, 2022

There's a quirky, sexy new moon eclipse in Taurus.
Robin Eisenberg

The new moon eclipse takes place at exactly 4:28 PM in earth sign Taurus: New opportunities to nourish and explore are ushered in. Love planet Venus meets Jupiter, the planet of growth, at 5:13 PM and emotions can be very big. It’s a sensitive and sensual time to enjoy art and social pleasure. The moon gently connects with Mars at 7:23 PM, encouraging collaborative action.

All times ET.

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The new moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of personal resources and finance, bringing you opportunities to go after new revenue streams. You can also be in touch with your feelings about money and materialism, ready to attract something bigger and more meaningful than the base, material world, since Venus is with spiritual Jupiter.


The new moon eclipse in your sign is the first of many this year. Pay attention to the story unfolding now. Consider the ways you are stepping into yourself and taking on new opportunities for growth. Faith in yourself and your future comes as Venus meets with optimistic Jupiter. Reward yourself!


The new moon eclipse falls in a very secretive and mysterious sector of your chart. There are new opportunities for you to enrich and nurture your deep and fertile inner world. Venus meets with Jupiter in your chart’s house of career and public reputation, and your hopes for the future are high, but not dry.


You’re having deep emotions about your future as the new moon eclipse aligns in your chart’s house of hopes and dreams. Your faith in the role that you play in something greater is going to new heights as Venus meets Jupiter, bringing you inspiration and spiritual purpose. Disregard the material value of things for something that truly sits with your soul.


Welcome the new chapter in your career and legacy that is taking place with this years eclipses—the first one is now! This can be an emotional one as you’re ready to take a big step: It can feel like there are things at stake and you don’t know what the outcome will be. There is trust in others and their capacity to care for you as Venus meets with generous Jupiter.



You’re taking a big step toward the unknown with this new moon eclipse in fellow earth sign Taurus. You’re ready to explore and see things that you might only have a little bit of an idea of, hungry for knowledge. Venus meets with Jupiter, beginning a wonderful new chapter in your relationships—your faith in others skyrockets.


You’re investing in others, ready to give away your resources in a way that empowers other people with this new moon eclipse in your chart’s house of shared resources. You might not be so sure what will come of it, but it’s something that fits with what you want to commit to on a daily basis. Your planetary ruler Venus meets with Jupiter and you have faith in the work you do.


The new moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of relationships, bringing new opportunities for connection and commitment. You might be taking a step toward a relationship that seems fated, or even unconventional, but feels right. Venus meets with Jupiter and you’re oozing with romantic inspiration and creative self-expression.


The new moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of work and routine, giving you a new goal to push toward when it comes to caring for yourself and others. You’re connecting with your relationship to your home and family in a way that feels gratifying and authentic to you as Venus mets with Jupiter, you planetary ruler.


The new moon eclipse in fellow earth sign Taurus brings new opportunities to go after the friendships and relationships that sit right with your soul. You’re leveling up when it comes to dating and entering new territory that might seem uncomfortable, but you know it’s the next step! Venus meets with Jupiter and your romantic mind is open to new possibilities.



The new moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of home and family, opening the gates to your new chapter of life. You’re looking at where you want to live, where you want to call home, and figuring out the most gratifying thing to invest in. Venus meets with Jupiter and there is a luxury, both philosophically and materially, to be enjoyed.


Your intuition is even stronger than usual. Follow your heart, dear fish. The new moon eclipse connects your emotions and thoughts, helping you figure out what you really want to know. There are questions for you to uncover with some reflection. Your affections are over-the-top and romantic as Venus meets with your planetary ruler, Jupiter.