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MIXED BY E.m.m.a

The former SUPERSUPER editor and inventor of "Victorian grime" makes us a hypnotic mix.
November 12, 2013, 8:40pm

Someone once described the sadly-defunct SUPERSUPER magazine as "clown vomit"—and with its infatuation with day-glo colors, drag queen fashion, and half-demented design aesthetics, I can understand why. I never would have thought that my former editor at the magazine would end up becoming a much-hyped bass music producer. But whaddya know.

Liverpool-born E.m.m.a started making music six years ago, inventing her own brand of "Victorian grime" using classical vocal samples and Fruity Loops-made beats. Soon, she began to implement sounds snatched from UK funky, dub, and breaks into her productions. And in July of this year, she finally released her experimental LP, Blue Gardens, on Keysound Recordings.

"Although grime has been an influence on my sound, I'm in the fringes of that scene. I couldn't look D Double E in the eye and say, 'I make grime,'" she told me, laughing. "I've just stuck to my guns and developed my own sound, which seems to be going well so far. I hope people appreciate what I make, because I've made some bangers and you can't really argue with them."

E.m.m.a. is currently working on some tunes with Hyperdub's LV, Keysound's Etch, and Soundman Chronicles' Parris—producers who, like herself, "stick to making what they like and don't try to build beats for what they think people want to hear." Those guys are also featured on E.m.m.a.'s hypnotic mix for THUMP—which is stuffed with more than a few of her own gems, including some never-heard-before exclusives. Close your eyes and breathe it in.


E.m.m.a's debut album 'Blue Gardens' is out now. Buy it here.


E.m.m.a – Dream Phone

E.m.m.a – Dream Phone VIP

E.m.m.a – Peridot

E.m.m.a – Kingfisher

E.m.m.a –  Mitzi

Facta – Poliwhirl

Acre – City

E.m.m.a – At Sea

Wen & Parris – Untitled

E.m.m.a, Etch & Parris – Purgatory

Etch – Stargate

E.m.m.a – Veronique (Ghost Grime Dub)

E.m.m.a – Lacrimosa

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