Tom Brady Gets Roundly Boo'd While Taking the Field

Super Bowl LII wouldn't be a Super Bowl without some Tom Brady hate.
Photo by Charles LeClair—USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest: the only reason you're watching this Super Bowl is to decide on something to hate. If you find yourself in the tiny, chopped-up wedges of the country that actually root for the Eagles or the Patriots, you might have something to love. But otherwise, we're all just here to see someone fail. And for most people, that someone is Tom Brady.

The insufferable—and maybe successful?—quarterback took the field today prior to the Super Bowl and was greeted with a good old fashioned Philadelphia 'fuck you," as Eagles fans hailed the man with a chorus of boos.


So maybe the bass isn't turned up high enough for me to hear it, but the announcers at least picked up on a solid, long, deep vowel sound that certainly wasn't a welcome message for Gisele's husband.

And in case you thought Philadelphia might like the guy when they're on their own turf—instead of frigid-ass Minnesota—here's a WWE event in Philly that carried even saltier language for the man.

Side note: the XFL might stand a chance.