Christina Tosi

  • How-To: Make Cookie Dough Cookies with Christina Tosi

    Pastry queen Christina Tosi shows us how to make her dream cookie: the cookie dough cookie. It combines the best of both worlds, with a lightly baked outside and a gooey-raw inside.

  • Kimchi Quesadillas Recipe

    Helen Jo, one of the very first Milk Bar employees, made this dish for family meal on the regs. It now ranks as the official Milk Bar throwback family meal of choice.

  • Milk Bar's Christina Tosi Doesn't Want to Be Bossy

    In an ideal world, I don't want to be a boss; I like to lead and be in charge, but I don't want to be “bossy!” But the reality of the situation is that sometimes you have to lay down the law—and the way I do it involves a sense of humor!

  • Cookie Dough Cookies Recipe

    Baked cookies are best when pulled out of the oven a little too early.

  • Corn Cookie Grilled Cheese

    A cookie's best friend isn't milk. It's ham and cheese.