• The Best Fall Basics Under $100, From Flannels to Beanies

    Our fall wardrobe hasn’t been updated since 2019, so it's time to deck our closets with flannels, cozy jackets, and Carhartt beanies.

  • This Year's SantaCon Was a Jolly Disgrace

    Every December, hundreds of fuccbois and basics longing for a shameless seasonal kegger descend onto the streets of New York City dressed like Kris Kringle. This year, the event unfortunately landed on the same morning as the Millions March.

  • Am I Basic?

    Fashion Cat is sitting around busting on basics until he's confronted by the eternal question: "Am I, myself, a basic?"

  • The Ultimate Basic Bitch Tournament

    Who is the most Basic of them all? We asked celebrity judges Big Freedia and comedian Julie Klausner to help us choose the queen of Basicdom.