• An Illustrated Tribute to Blowfly

    Filthy parody music king Clarence Reid a.k.a. Blowfly passed away on Sunday. Here are eight illustrations of the musician by a collection of talented artists and a short and touching essay by hip-hop historian Johan Kugelberg.

  • Blowfly Is A Filthy Old Man

    A Conversation With the Songsmith Behind “Hole Man,” “Shittin' On the Dock of the Bay,” and “My Baby Keeps Farting on My Face"

  • Blowfly Is a Filthy Old Man

    Blowfly, né Clarence Reid, is a filthy 74-year-old rapper who dresses in a superhero outfit and performs such hits as "Hole Man," "Shittin' On the Dock of the Bay," and "My Baby Keeps Farting on My Head."