• Some Idiots Think They're Being Brainwashed by CAPTCHAs

    The Civil Rights Defenders' CAPTCHAs ask users a civil rights-related question—like how do you feel about the Albanian Vice Minister of Defense thinking gays should be beaten with a stick?—and provides three opinion-based answers. Some people, however...

  • Luis von Ahn: 'Captcha' The Crowd To Translate The Entire Internet

    Some years back, Carnegie Mellon professor Luis von Ahn helped invent 'Captcha,' that equally ingenious and annoying reverse-Turing test that prevents spammy machine algorithms from infiltrating services meant for humans on the web. What you probably...

  • How You're Unknowingly Translating Books Online for Google

    I don't think I'm the only person that had no idea that every time I entered some words into a "reCaptcha": box -- you know, verifying that I'm not a computer -- that I was also, quite directly, helping to...