Chris Kraus

  • The Narcissism of Romantic Obsession

    In certain circles, Chris Kraus's autobiographical novel "I Love Dick" is adored for its unflinching examination of a woman's overwhelming romantic obsession. But it also anticipated the rise of narcissism as a feminist virtue.

  • You Want to Be Passive Aggressive Towards Your Lover

    There's an abundance of literature in this world, but there's also an abundance of shit--good and bad--life can throw at you. Luckily, we're here to assemble the best reads for any situation.

  • ​Create, Kill, Create: Art and Hunting in Wyoming

    Local culture, exquisite aesthetics, and the brutalities of hunting and fishing converge in a current exhibition at the Wyoming State Museum.

  • Learning How to Have Sex Like a Gay Man

    For years, my best women friends and I have bemoaned our inability to bang like our gay male peers, who seemed to practice an ideal of free love we longed for, full of equal opportunity objectification, elective nonmonogamy, and communal acceptance.

  • Marie Calloway on Her New Novel and Being Called "Jailbait"

    "I wondered if I should go into his apartment." That line opens Marie Calloway's debut novel, what purpose did i serve in your life. She does go in, and the following 240 pages are what happens next. Reviews and comments about Calloway’s novel...