Clancy Martin

  • How to Buy Jewelry Like a Jeweler

    For years I owned a chain of luxury jewelry stores in one of the wildest, most flamboyant, most duplicitous jewelry markets of them all: Dallas, Texas. With Valentine's Day coming up, I will tell you what sort of jewelry scams are popular throughout...

  • Three Gothic Tales from Austin, Texas

    Amie and Clancy Martin went to Austin recently. While there, they were almost kicked out of a hipster hotel, ate delicious sushi, and accompanied a friend to get a tattoo. Here are three reviews from their trip, one from each of their adventures.

  • Porn and Free Sashimi and My Wedding in Las Vegas

    Although my husband and I had already been married in India, in a ceremony that I thought was beautiful and perfect because it was simple, to make everything official we went to Vegas. If my account of our legal wedding has a curious sadness, what can...

  • Shiva’s Wedding

    We’d been in India for a month, and it looked like the wedding wasn't going to happen. The last two times I’d been married my brides had been enthusiastic—they were insistent, even. Now I was getting married for a third time to a woman who didn’t want...

  • Amie Barrodale and Clancy Martin at the Russian Bathhouse

    Getting beaten by a bunch of Russian strangers is totally relaxing.