• Muslims Should Support Satanists, and Here's Why

    It's a case of a small group getting bullied into submission because it offended a big religion.

  • Here's "Es Verano Ya" from Davila 666's A.J. Davila

    This jangly garage rock track is perfect for imagining it's summertime.

  • Jason Collins Shook a Few Bigots Out of the Homophobe Tree

    Jason Collins made his big “I'm gay” announcement last week. Big news like this can't help but be met with a vocal minority of the religious-minded seeing this as a “test” from the man upstairs, and the only way they'll pass is by letting their...

  • Adios, Choice

    Remove the clinics, put insurmountable obstacles in the way, and Roe v. Wade will soon hold as much power as the now-hilariously-shortsighted Third Amendment. The fight for abortion is almost over, and pro-lifers are nearly the victors.

  • Satan's Favorite Column

    Dear VICE readers, happy Friday! Each week I peruse your comments and find the stupidest. Then I humiliate you by drawing pictures of them. How do you like that? Honestly, let me know. I have no idea.

  • Fuck Gaddafi Duck