Enrique Olvera

  • Mexico's Chefs Are Fighting a Future of Genetically Modified Corn

    In August, a Mexican federal district judge repealed a two-year-old ban on genetically modified maize, leading many of the country's chefs to worry about GM corn replacing indigenous varieties.

  • Being Frank: Mexico City

    The Franks head down to Mexico City to hang with chef Enrique Olvera at his well-known restaurant, Pujol, and take over the kitchen for two nights. Naturally, that means a ton of tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, eggplant, and The Grateful Dead.

  • Chef's Night Out: Enrique Olvera

    We've dug into the MUNCHIES archive to bring you a Chef's Night Out with rock star chef Enrique Olvera of Mexico City's Pujol restaurant. Enjoy.

  • Enrique Olvera

    Enrique is not afraid to mix ants with mayonnaise and coffee and put it all on ears of baby corn. The 14-course tasting menu at his restaurant, Pujol, is considered by many to be the finest in Mexico.