French Quarter

  • This New Orleans Bartender Was Shot and Then Named His Bar 'Bullet's'

    Rollins “Bullet” Garcia Sr. is a longtime New Orleans barkeep and owner of the legendary Bullet’s Sports Bar. A victim of a shooting that earned him his nickname, Bullet is a devoted member of the Seventh Ward neighborhood—but don't ask him to start...

  • How New Orleans Is In Danger of Losing Its Identity

    Several ongoing contentious issues are reaching a head as the New Orleans City Council considers two ordinances that residents say could drastically change the culture of the city.

  • How Does Mardi Gras Affect the New Orleans Sex Economy?

    Hundreds of millions of dollars flow into the city for the annual celebration, but do sex workers benefit from that orgy of spending? I talked to some strippers and escorts to find out.

  • I Got Paid to Dress Up as a Ninja as Part of a Team-Building Exercise

    With a new baby at home and a need for a little extra Christmas money, I jumped when the Go Game producers wrote to me recently about a job in New Orleans. Soon I was dressed as a ninja in the French Quarter.

  • Chef's Night Out: Tory McPhail

    We headed down to New Orleans to hang with Tory McPhail, chef at Commander's Palace, who showed us that a night out in the French Quarter is best spent drinking whiskey, eating Creole food, and drinking more whiskey.

  • The Music Lover’s Guide to the New Orleans Elections

    The city is famous for its music, but in recent years a number of politicians have sided with groups calling for clubs and bars to turn down the volume, resulting in protests and calls to elect some new, music-friendly leaders.