genetically modified food

  • This GMO Scientist Plays God with Your Corn

    No matter what side of the line you stand on, GMOs are deeply rooted in the average American diet. To put a human face on genetic modification, we tracked down a biotechnologist who is currently working for an undisclosed biotech firm and spoke to him...

  • Environment Canada Thinks Genetically Modified Salmon Eggs Are A-OK

    Last November, Environment Canada put their mutant foot forward and approved genetically modified, all-female salmon eggs to be harvested in Canada. As you might imagine, this is not going over well.

  • Canada Wants the World to Relax its GMO Standards

    A lot of people are worried about eating GMOs, and the scientific community remains somewhat divided as to whether or not they're safe to ingest. Nevertheless, the Canadian Governemnt wants to roll back its regulations and create a global trade...