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  • Our Top 11 Comics of 2014

    Featuring Jonny Negron, Jesse Moynihan, Gilbert Hernandez, Dick Briefer, and more.

  • Cinema

    In Jonny Negron's latest comic, a bunch of privileged jerks complain at a movie theater.

  • I Remember Halloween Costumes

    Being a kid is mostly bullshit, but on Halloween it's fun to play make-believe and eat candy. I asked some of my favorite artists and cartoonists to recreate their best or worst costumes in illustrated form.

  • Retarder 2

    You know that kid who wanted to be cool so badly he fell for bullies' pranks on the playground? That geeky kid who is on every Sunday morning cartoon? This is a story about that kid.

  • Retarder

    Kids will be kids. That is to say, they will be dicks.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #76

    This week my column is devoted to the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest which was held a little over a week ago. Please enjoy my photos of the event and reviews of things I was given at the show.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #73

    Hi everyone, this week's post is dominated by Johnnys. We have interviews with Johnny Ryan and Jonny Negron, plus an old Jade Stevens 'Jonny Quest' cover with a curvy, sexy lady that gives me a boner.

  • Jonny Negron

  • Jonny Negron

    It's Jay Jay - The Friendly Neighborhood Homeless Man