• Jeff Bierk's Devastatingly Fantastic Photos of Junkies and the Homeless

    Jeff Bierk's photography ranges from beautiful to deeply disturbing. We spoke to him about his work.

  • Meet the Neighbors

    Here in prison, my bunky is a drug addict from a family of drug addicts. He has spent most of his 20s in and out of jail. I have the top bunk and he has the bottom. All I can say is don’t get caught, kids… This ain’t living.

  • Boogie on Drugs, Violence and Transsexuals

    Serbian-born Photographer Boogie counts shooting neo-Nazi skinheads, Brazilian transvestites, dealers and junkies alike as a nine to five.

  • Over The Counter Habits

    The FSB (which is like the FBI but waaaay scarier) gassed the “Nord-Ost” hostages with it in October 2002 to prevent some Chechen mujahadeen from blowing the building up with 900 or so hostages inside. The women and children simply OD’d on the stuff...

  • Who Put The H In Country?

    Country's favourite junkie fuck-ups make Sid Vicious look like Justin Bieber.