• 10 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Kleptomaniac

    Is it a mental illness or just thievin’?

  • Mit liv som kleptoman

    Det chokerer mig stadig, når folk reagerer negativt på mit stjæleri, men en del af rædslen/skønheden ved psykisk sygdom er det fuldstændigt forblændede forhold, man får til risikofyldte ting. Jeg overvejer ikke engang muligheden for at blive taget.

  • My Life as a Kleptomaniac

    It still shocks me when people react negatively to my stealing. I guess part of the horror/beauty of mental illness is the totally blinkered relationship you develop with risk. Getting busted doesn't even occur to me.

  • The Complex, Tragic Psychology Behind Animal Hoarding

    Why is it that there are constant news stories about people who cage or cram hundreds of pets into their homes? Sometimes it's animal cruelty, but it could also be attributed to a specific mental illness.