• Trust Me, I'm Cool (An App)

    Here's the thing with regard to relative coolness: it's good to be cool and it's hip to be square; no one likes to party with losers and if you'd like to have a say, it's important to stay on top of trends. Being cool is different than being "popular...

  • Shedding Light on Klout's Black Box: An Interview with Klout Founder Joe Fernandez

    As you probably won’t recall, I recently posted a piece that examined the Klout scores of dead celebrities. A few hours later, I got a tweet from the site’s creator, Joe Fernandez: Joe Fernandez@JoeFernandez @danstuckey Only thing I am sad about...

  • Psycho Twitter, Qu'est Que C'est

    Study attempts to spot psychotics via tweet analysis.

  • Even the Dead Have Klout

    Ok, I've been messing around with Klout, the site that tries to tell me how much I matter and how much of a shit people could give about what I say on social networks. After posting a Klout-generated tweet, I quickly deleted it, realizing the implicite...

  • ONES AND ZEROS: Facebook Christian Rock, IPO OGs, iPod Watches Are Getting Out of Hand

    "Ones and Zeros":http://motherboard.tv/profiles/ones_and_zeros/posts is Motherboard's weekly investigation into the strange particle accelerator that is the internet.

  • Your Online Influencer Score Is Your New Credit Score

    As you must know if you're a responsible and eager social media self-promoter, "Klout":http://www.klout.com and its ilk are in the business of "rating your internet influence":http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/26/sunday-review/26rosenbloom.html. And in...