• Fat Prince: Lunchables Veal Oscar with Michael Voltaggio and Matthew Gray Gubler

    Joined by Ink.'s Michael Voltaggio and Matthew Gray Gubler of 'Criminal Minds,' Andy Milonakis makes Veal Oscar using Lunchables, king crab legs, and Kool Aid-glazed white asparagus.

  • Turkey Lunchables Oscar Recipe

    Classic Veal Oscar gets Fat Prince-ified with the addition of Kool-Aid glazed asparagus, Béarnaise sauce, and Pringle-Oreo dirt. Bon appétit.

  • Joining a Cult Might Be Bad for Your Diet

    From the Flavor Aid (not Kool-Aid) at Jonestown to Rev. Sun Myung Moon's fat-shaming sermons, cults have a history of using food as one of their many tools of control. But hey, at least some of them made salad dressing to die for.

  • How-To: Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork With Andy Roy

    If you weren't locked up in Pelican Bay State Prison in the early 2000s, then today is the day you are going to learn how to make a prison-style sweet and sour pork. And we've got just the man to give you a tutorial: Andy Roy.

  • Girl Eats Food: Apocalyptic Dinner For One

    Time to get ourselves acquainted with those doesn't-even-have-a-sell-by-date foods at the back of our cupboard.

  • Girl Eats Food - Kool-Aid Donuts

    Kool-Aid got a bad rap when Jimmy Jones and 900 happy campers slaughtered themselves with spiked Grape-Aid, but you should never let a mass suicide stand in the way of a decent donut.