• Why I Went to Oktoberfest and Only Ate Fish

    When you think of Oktoberfest, you probably think of bratwurst washed down with bladder-weakening steins of beer, but in Munich, things are very different.

  • Why These Men Are Risking Their Health to Fish

    Despite the signs all over the Santa Monica pier that read “DO NOT EAT CONTAMINATED FISH” in different languages, a group of fishermen continue to fish here everyday and eat every single fish that they catch.

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    Having a restaurant in the countryside means you have to accept that you might not have everything you want, which actually makes it more fun to eat.

  • Eating Toadstools and Buried Lamb Near the Arctic Circle

    I flew to the wee Norwegian town of Mosjøen for the Arctic Food Festival, where a group of local and foreign chefs gathered together to bury lambs' legs, eat fly agaric mushrooms, and exchange food knowledge.

  • I Dined on Tinned Tuna at London's Canned Food Restaurant

    At Tincan, there's no kitchen and no chef. Servers simply decant the contents of tins of seafood onto your plate. It might sound like a gimmick, but Portuguese conservas restaurants have been doing it for years.

  • How to Hot-Box a Fish

    There’s something nice about harnessing the connection of smoking with fire—it’s one of the oldest and most important relationships we have as humans. Here's how to smoke your own fish at home. Just remember to open the windows.