Moshe Silman

  • Israel's Radical Left

    VICE travels to Israel to meet young members of the growing radical left, in the lead up to the one-year anniversary of the biggest protest in Israel’s history. Last summer, while the world was busy following the Arab Spring, nearly half a million...

  • Israel's Radical Left

    This is the part where we see a man set himself on fire.

  • Moshe Silman, RIP

    Moshe Silman, the Israeli man who set himself on fire at Saturday's J14 social justice protest, has died at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv. He spent the past week in critical condition there with second- and third-degree burns covering 94 percent of...

  • The Hangover News

    Everyone was worrying about the Olympics this weekend, but you were too busy sprinting to the toilet to notice.

  • I Saw a Man Burning Alive on the Streets of Tel Aviv

    On Saturday, the Israeli activist group J14 celebrated its first birthday with another large-scale protest. An estimated 10,000 people gathered on Rothschild Boulevard and shouted stuff like "Social justice for the people!" A man named Moshe Silman...

  • A Protester in Israel Just Set Himself on Fire

    We were there with a camera phone, unfortunately.