• Fat Birds Are Easy Prey: Fulmar Hunting in the Faroe Islands

    MUNCHIES goes baby fulmar hunting with local Høgni Mohr, who shows us how the people of the Faroe Islands scoop baby fulmars out of the sea and prepares them—beheading, torching, and all—for eating.

  • Iceland, I Love You—But Your Grocery Stores Are Weird

    I came to Iceland expecting animals heads, and I found animals heads. But is that prune-flavored milk I see sitting on the shelf? And why is all of the candy overwhelmingly infused with licorice? Well, at least your skyr is delicious.

  • Chef's Night Out: Matt Orlando

    We went to Copenhagen to visit Matt Orlando, the chef and owner of Amass who took us on a tour of his favorite places around town. Get ready for the holy trinity of new Nordic cuisine: brains, balls, and burritos.